Brad Franklin

Web Product Developer Designer

Brad Franklin
j66 + Co

Founder & Managing Director
Digital Product Development and Strategy

Brad Franklin’s internet background began as a Flash web designer / developer in early 2000. Brad’s interest leaned towards product development and the financial market, spotting trends before they developed into the public market.

Apple WWDC 2007

Brad attended Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference in 2007. This limited attendance three day conference was the first Apple World Wide Developers Conference to introduce the original iPhone and development SDK to create mobile apps and harness what was to become the current Apple ecosystem.

Picking up on the vast potential of mobile technologies, watching companies such as Qualcomm and others who were showing the unlimited possibilities of the internet, specifically as it related to mobile, he saw the incredible potential of the iPhone and the platform ecosystem that has become the internet as we know it today.

Financial consulting in the mobile technology sector 2005 – 2012, Brad excelled in the public stock market trading his own portfolio, making contacts with individuals within the web startup space as well as the publicly traded investment community.

Making a decision to explore his own ideas in product development, Brad is Founder and Managing Director of j66 + Co, A Digital Product Development Strategy Consultancy.Brad currently resides in Santa Monica.

j66 + Co

A Digital Product Development
Strategy Consultancy

j66 co

j66 + Co

We bring creative ideas to life

j66 + Co's six step process to Campaign and Product idea development1. Spot changing social behavior.2. Position in front of this identified changing social behavior.3. Create a distinct branding image and message.4. Position product accordingly to target the desired demographic.5. Design a strategy to creatively harness the Mobile app and Internet ecosystem, the merging of physical and digital worlds, to break through the noise, achieve objectives.6. Promote . Market . Deliver

Points co

A mobile wallet, loyalty rewards app + Instagram campaign solution in one.

What is Points coA digital version of a loyalty rewards card + social media mobile campaign app solution in one.Points co is for small business and services entrepreneurs like yourself looking to increase return customer sales and promote their business.

What is a Wallet app?Loyalty wallet app passes are reward cards which reside in Apple Wallet or Google Pay apps on your customer’s mobile device.

Who is Points co for? What does it do?Points co cards allow you to award your customers loyalty rewards points for purchases or various creative social media campaign activities, redeeming them for products and services.

Why a Wallet App? I’ve never heard of one before. Why not a regular app?It's all about location. Location on your customer's mobile device is no different.Phone screen real estate is prime. With hundreds of apps downloaded to users phones, it's easy for a business' app presence to be lost and forgotten.Not so with Wallet Apps. Your Points co wallet app will be positioned side by side with all your customer's purchasing credit and debit cards within Apple Wallet and/or Google Pay.Each time your customer opens Apple Wallet and/or Google Pay your business' brand will be presented side by side. A reminder to the user of their patronage to stop on by for a visit.



A fusion of yoga with an upbeat dance influence.The ideaYogis who love yoga and miss the camaraderie of practicing with fun, like minded yogis, let's meet in the park! We have a beautiful place to practice in Santa Monica at Ocean Ave and Palisades Ave 90402 just north of The Rose Garden. Look for the big red sun umbrella! We know you’ll love it here.A Yogifusion certified instructor or ambitious experienced yogi will start the first half of class as well as close class with an inversion, final stretching into Savasana. Each yogi who wishes to is welcome to run a few "yoga flow series" to music the second half of class.A collaborative event, we meet new people and practice yoga together.

Done +


A new Athleisure branding concept and income stream has arrived.The IdeaMy vision in creating done was to enable talented, invited Brand Sales Ambassadors with the means to launch an online Yoga business web shop with a professional, studio presence.In doing so I discovered an untapped industry market opportunity in the Athleisure space. The creation of an exciting new Athleisure sales revenue channel, done +.With this comes the release of a new income stream to offer done + Influencers, Brand Sales Ambassador Entrepreneurs.I hope you are as excited about this opportunity as I am.done +
Brad Franklin
Founder and Managing Director

Jaclyn Love Yogi . My Picks
Jaclyn Love Yogi
Jaclyn Love Yogi

Jaclyn Love Yogi (beta)

Jaclyn Love Yogi (Prototype)
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Stylenote (dev)

Stylenote co
“Capture the Remarkable”
A Lifestyle Design Photography Consultancy


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Brad Franklin
Founder & Managing Director
Digital Product Development and Strategy
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